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Fullerton Merino Stud is located 22 k NW of Crookwell on the Peelwood Road. Fullerton Merino Stud is located on undulating, open hills, on a property called Thalaba Downs. Pastures are improved and the Stud ewes are joined over 5 weeks, with lambing being throughout September/October. We take pride in investing in our land with native tree lines and regularly fertilising. This allows maximum carrying capacity and increased production. Because of this investment, we are able to run at 2-2.5 DSE/ac. We are 900 meters above sea level and receive 750 mm of rain which means winters are tough, long and hard on the stock. We have to breed hardy and robust sheep to thrive in these conditions.

Mission statement

Breeding heavy cutting wool, stylish, well defined crimp with a high follicle count. Our micron range is between 17.5-21 um and our sheep will cut 110-130mm of wool at 12 months. All this built on a square set frame, big barrelled animal. All the stock on Fullerton Merino Stud are paddock reared, un-housed and ready to join. High fertility is a hallmark of our genetics.


Kim & Robyn Cartwright both came from a wool growing background. Their passion for merinos lead them to start the Kirob Merino Stud in 2004, (flock no. 5008). In 2017 the stud was renamed, to Fullerton Merino Stud as Jock Cartwright (son) formally joined Kim and Robyn. The aim and ambition of the Stud has not changed. Fullerton Merino will continue to produce heavy cutting stylish wools that make profit. We are excited about providing superior genetics for your merino enterprise. At Fullerton Merino Stud, we are serious about maximising your profit and ‘Making Merinos Great Again’.

Our Stud ewe genetic base starts 30 years ago from when 4th generation Cartwright, Fred, invested in the original Koonawarra Stud (John Williams) at Laggan. Within the last 10 years, our main influences brought into the Stud have been Artificial Inseminating to Nerstane Stud ewes. Following that we have purchased several Sires from both Hinesville Merino Stud (Delegate) and Glen Donald Merino Stud (NW Vic). The Hinesville bloodlines are predominately med-fine wools, with the ability to still cut plenty of wool. The Glen Donald bloodlines are more medium micron wools but on a huge, big barreled frame. We have recently introduced Poll genetics from West Plains Poll, Yarrawonga Poll and One Oak Poll. This is due to market and client pressure. Poll ram lambs will be available from the 2019 sale onwards. We are excited to see progeny from the Poll Sire as well as continuing to maintain the high standard of horned rams that we are known for.
Fullerton Merinos are the result of over 30 years of progressive refinement. This has enabled a med-fine merino that can be shorn at 6 months of wool (60-70 mm) built on a solid frame that will sell well when it comes to surplus stock sales.