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2022 Annual Ram Sale

FULLERTON MERINO STUD are pleased to announce their 2022 sale date. The helmsman auction will be held on Friday, the 28th of January at 1pm on property sale, 1404 Peelwood Road. Inspections begin at 10am. There are 40 horned and poll one year old rams for sale. The rams are well grown, productive, robust and showing the eveness of type which we have been breeding for.

The 2021 season has been like no other in decades, our annual rainfall is 30% higher than our long term average. Despite the wet season, 2021 gave us challenges never before seen. Our ewe base proved they could withstand the cold and unrelenting wet periods. Their structure held firm and the fleece wool remained bright and stylish. There where some lambing difficulties with large lambs in the last trimester causing several prolapses. We corrected their mineral deficiency with supplementation which worked well. Our 2021 lambing percentage was an incredible 116%. The 2022 sale team’s objective measurements continue to improve compared to the sale team this time last year. The 2022 sale team’s average micron is 19.7, CV 16.4, CF 99.6% and an SD of 3.1. The micron range is from 17.7- 21.5um, with a strong emphasis on maintaining a low SD.
The entire sale team is paddock run and unhoused. Sale team were shorn on the 1st of September. Fullerton Merino Stud sale rams are current with Gudair, 6-1, Scabbiguard vaccinations and Brucellosis accredited.

Fullerton Merino have invested in poll genetics via West Plains Poll, One Oak Poll, Wallaloo Park, and Yarrawonga Poll stud. The first of Fullerton Merino poll lambs are on the ground now, and available in 2022’s sale. Fullerton Merino are diversifying with poll rams, but still envisage continuing horn progeny in the future.

Fullerton Merino’s progression is through fertility, allowing heavy maiden ewe classing. 2017’s lambing average was 120%, 2018’s lambing percentage was 100.2%, 2019’s lambing average was 101%, 2020 was 92%, and 2021’s was 116%. Percentages like this drive profit.

After visual classing, all maiden ewes are fleece tested and fleece weighed. This has occurred since 1997.
Inspections are welcome by contacting Kim, Robyn or Jock Cartwright;

Kim and Robyn – 0427373211
Jock – 0409715008